Coconut Nature’s Fat Burning Supplement

Health organizations follow a very specific criteria and even more strict rules in informing you. In case of coconuts, they focus on the high saturated fat content of hydrogenated, refined oil.

Foods are more complex than that especially when you remove the processing elements like hydrogenation and refinement that are steps that not only change the composition of food but also destroy and remove many natural elements your body needs to build muscle and lose fat.

In the case of coconuts, virgin oil is very different.

In your body, fats are broken down into fatty acids and then put back together in from of proteins deposited in your fatty tissue.

However, your body treats virgin coconut oil differently because it contains medium-chain fatty acids.

These molecules don’t¬†circulate in your blood and get stored away. They move to your liver and are ¬†immediately converted to energy and heat. Converting food to energy and heat is what you are looking for in both body building and weight loss.